Duxa Bath is a well-known Norwegian supplier of Nordic bathroom design. They recently partnered with PinkSquare to create a 3D video presenting the configurator on their web site which allows customers to virtually design their own bathrooms.

The video starts by showing the website address you need to go to for the configurator. Then it illustrates how you can choose from various cabinet, mirror and shower designs to get an end result that’s best suited to your needs and aesthetic.

The marketing tool PinkSquare created is ideal because it let’s viewers know what to expect when visiting the site. It provides them with the experience of using the configurator and shows them where to find it so they will be drawn to trying it out for themselves. The 3D characteristics are beneficial in providing multidimensional views of the sample bathrooms, so they come to life for the viewers.

The video is sharable across a variety of platforms making it an efficient part of Duxa’s marketing campaign. It is makes their configurator look like fun and is sure to entice customers to use the tool.

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