Calorex has been founded in 1977 and became a part of the Dantherm Group in 2016. Calorex climate solutions engineers heat pumps and dehumidifiers for swimming pools and commercial installations. These products are known for their durability and efficiency. As an environmentally friendly solution, their products are being installed in private and public projects globally.

In this 3D industrial animation by PinkSquare we are introduced to their adsorption dehumidifier series. The adsorption dehumidifiers are extremely effective in reducing moisture for demanding applications of grow rooms and freezer rooms. They can be also used for agriculture, transport, warehousing, archives, and pharmaceuticals.

It is a great solution for places where hygiene is an important requirement as the machine has a stainless steel construction. The machine also offers optional features like a wet air heat exchanger, filter guard, or remote humidity sensor.


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