Damixa’s Arc 2900 is a confusing product at first sight. But once they showed the process of using it with the help of a 3D animation, it all becomes much clearer. This consumer product video was made to demonstrate what the kitchen mixer consists of and how you use it.

3D animation is the key marketing medium in the consumer products industry. It enables the company to shorten the time explaining what their product does and elevates the whole marketing to a new level. The majority of the consumer product companies used 3D at least once for various purposes, so why wouldn’t you?

The Power of 3D Animation

3D videos help to explain the essence of the product in only a few minutes. What once took hours, you can now demonstrate in a few seconds or minutes. 3D animation is the technique of making animated sequences that look as realistic as possible to the viewer. It has a wide application in every type of company activities, such as presentations, meetings, events, or marketing. The basic idea behind it is that you can present any product or service at any stage of production. Be it the start of production, the stages of production, or displaying the final product, the animated video can enhance its features and describe them easily.

This type of video not only serves for the mentioned purposes but can eventually bring more customers your way and boost your sales. Damixa managed to present the key features of their kitchen mixer. They also showed the viewers how it works in real life.

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