DF Conceal, a leading manufacturer of standardized concealment solutions, recently introduced a collar nut designed for light pole anchor plate connections. This innovative nut ensures compliance with infrastructure codes by providing a minimum of three threads above the nut.

Recognizing the challenge of effectively conveying the value of their product, DF Conceal opted to collaborate with PinkSquare on a 3D product animation. The video serves as a comprehensive marketing tool, offering customers a visual understanding of the collar nut’s functionality.

The animation intelligently combines text and illustration, highlighting the issues contractors face when dealing with insufficient threads above the nut. It then seamlessly demonstrates how DF Conceal’s collar nut resolves these challenges.

The resulting video adopts a fun and slightly humorous approach, ensuring clarity in communicating the product’s value. Its simplicity makes it accessible to a broad audience, and its shareability and cost-effectiveness position it as the ideal marketing solution for DF Conceal.

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