Engineered Material Solutions is a Northwest company that specializes in the manufacturing of clad metals. These are metals that can uniquely match the need of any specific product design by offering a brand-new material that combines tow or more metals. The metals are joined to form a durable laminated material. The cladding process makes it possible to combine various types of metal opening the door to innovative design possibilities.

The company felt a video would be a powerful selling tool when it came to showing businesses how the cladding process works. However, they faced problems in the video creation. They knew filming would take the running of industrial machines which would be noisy and expensive. It would result in a product that did not clearly illustrate the necessary steps involved.

PinkSquare provided a solution in the form of a 3D industrial animation that clearly illustrates the steps of the cladding process without distractions. It allows potential clients to see what’s behind the high-quality construction and how the metals come in handy in a practical sense. It puts it all together in a package that tells the whole story providing a tool that is affordable and sharable on all platforms.

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