BoConcept’s animation for Indivi 2 shows the features of their Indivi 2 sofa bed. From the size and shape to the design and the material and color, this 3D product animation tells the story of the product in an efficient and realistic way. It is meant to bring the product closer to the end consumer and make them visualize it easily.

People have a hard time imagine consumer products when only hearing about them. A 2D image is a better option to explain how the product looks, but this kind of representation still lacks depth and movement.

When somebody shows you a 3D video, it enables you to find out how a specific product looks. Moreover, it lets you see how its components work as a whole. Also, it gives you the idea of how that product functions in space and how it coexists within that space.

Once the animation’s in place, the customer can find out easily what Indivi 2 is all about. Last, it helps to simplify the process of altering the product in any way.

Let’s presume that the sofa won’t fit in the customer’s living room. They would probably like to change its color or its material. The manufacturer would need to do only one thing. It is to give them a new color or material and not change the whole sofa because of it. Sounds easy, right?

That’s because it is. There’s no better solution to do it than with the help of a 3D video. Here at PinkSquare, we dedicated our time to create the perfect 3D consumer videos and tailor them to your and your audience’s preferences. Don’t wait for others to tell you that you need a 3D animation. Contact us to get your quote and let your audience know that you can use 3D videos for your marketing or presentation needs.

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