The Dantherm group is a leader in providing climate control products and solutions. The company recently introduced its ASE 400 dehumidifier. The product is designed to dehumidify large spaces with low temperatures. It provides fast drying results in construction areas and emergency situations.

In launching the product, Dantherm struggled to find a way to best illustrate how the dehumidifier worked. Creating and filming a situation that exhibited its cooling effects would be costly and time-consuming. A written piece would not fully convey its effectiveness and might be difficult for less tech-savvy readers to fully grasp.

The company decided to partner with PinkSquare to create a 3D industrial animation that featured visuals and text. The visuals showed how the product functions while the text provided detailed information in a concise format.

The video illustrated how the unit produces an airflow that’s 20% higher than most units on the market. It listed the various applications it can work for. It gave viewers a clear understanding of the dehumidifier’s dimensions and sturdy, compact design as well as the various features the product offered. It went on to provide consumers with an under-the-hood view so they could see exactly how it works and how easy it is to maintain and clean.

The 3D video PinkSquare provided an affordable, sharable, low-maintenance solution that will help consumers better understand Dantherm’s product. It is a valuable sales tool the company can use for years to come.

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