Acorn is a stairlift provider that is dedicated to making the best stairlifts money can buy. Their lifts are made to fit the stairs, not the wall, ensuring there will be no structural disruptions made to the home. Their high quality, affordable products, and sense of innovation have made them an award-winning leader in their industry.

While most people have a basic idea of how a stairlift works, Acorn needed a vehicle to showcase to their consumers the unique features their product offers. They knew it would not be easy to clearly show how the lift works in a real-life video as actors may obstruct certain mechanisms. They decided that 3D medical device animation was the way to go.

The video PinkSquare provided showed exactly how the chair worked. It showed how the seatbelt wraps around to provide security. It showed the key operating system. It illustrated how the chair swivels around to let the user out with ease. It showed how the chair folded up to save space and it even showed how it stopped mid-stair when it encountered an obstruction.

The video is an affordable option that Acorn can share on multiple platforms. It is perfect for illustrating the benefits of their stairlift to clients.

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