GhostBed has recently announced their new 3D Matrix model which features an exciting gel technology. It adjusts to body shapes and temperatures to provide a more restful sleep. It absorbs heat and draws it away from the body providing a cooler, more comfortable state of relaxation.

While mattress companies make claims on promising a better sleep experience, showing how the construction of the mattress works to improve sleep can serve as undisputable proof. But trying to capture this type of multi-dimensional imaging in a sales brochure is difficult and attempting to show the mattress’s interior it in a real time video is nearly impossible.

The solution came through in the form of a 3D rendering that showed the various interior layers of the mattress. The video illustrates the bed’s ability to draw heat away from the body and conform to the body’s positionings to provide support and relieve aches and pains. It shows the customers exactly how the bed works to provide improved sleep in an affordable package that can easily be shared on social media and other online platforms.

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