3D Animation Video for Engineered Materials Solutions

About the Company

Who they are:  EMS – Engineered Materials Solutions, LLC Wickeder Group
What they do:  EMS is a global leader in clad metal solutions using different techniques. Some of their techniques are pressure temperature bonding, warm bonding, inlay cladding, and side-to-side cladding. What sets EMS apart from its competition is the broad portfolio of products they produce from a broad variety of used materials.


The SIGMAclad is still in an early stage of development therefore creating a product video of it would be close to impossible without using 3D animation.

The 3D animation aimed to show the production process of SIGMAclad, which will help potential customers to understand how the end product is produced.

Pricing Factors

3D Model: We have an ongoing collaboration with EMS therefore the 3D model of machinery has been reused from the previous animation.

Complexity: Complex and detailed movements were required to convey the product’s capabilities.


Length: 1 minute 10 seconds.

Quality: The client requested a fairly realistic look of the product.


How 3D Animation Helped

This industrial animation was used at the company’s booth at a conference they attended. 

The animation evoked increased interest in those who might have not stopped by if there wouldn’t be the 3D animation because as SIGMAclad’s product manager said – “a picture is worth a million words and a video is worth 10 times that”.

How did the 3D animation help?

“The 3D animation helped us give an understanding of how the end product is produced, albeit at a high level.”

Lauren C.

product manager, EMS


A 3D animation that shows the production flow of the SIGMAclad.

Production starts with the cladding process and continues over to the stamping process to its final assembly.

The end of the video shows a performance test. In the test, you can see SIGMAclad competing with a competing alloy.

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