Mate Precision Technologies is a world class manufacturer of products that provide solutions for the metal working industry. They are responsible for a variety of industrial products including a Dynomount that features a DynoGrip Self Centering Vise, a Dynolock Workholding Base and a Dynomount Mount.

The company faced a roadblock in finding a sales vehicle that would effectively show how their product worked and the benefits it offered. While they knew video was the best platform in providing a visual an audio format that told the entire story, filming an in-person situation would not show the product in its best light. It would also require the hiring of actors.

Mate Precision Technologies found the perfect solution when they decided to partner with PinkSquare for an animated video. The video combined text and visuals along with a soundtrack that fit the company’s aesthetic. It showed off the product’s modular design and advertised its precision and durability.

It focused on each part of the product including the versatility of the jaw and the accuracy of the base and its ability to pull studs down in a balanced manner. It showed how the base draws the vise downward for easy removal. It also illustrated how the product was smartphone enabled to provide users access to their business systems.

The 3D video PinkSquare made served as an affordable way for Mate to show the benefits of their product to increase sales.

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