Mate Precision Technologies, a globally recognized manufacturer in the metalworking industry, produces top-tier solutions, including the Dynomount featuring a DynoGrip Self-Centering Vise, Dynolock Workholding Base, and Dynomount Mount.

Confronted with the challenge of effectively showcasing their product’s functionality and benefits, Mate Precision Technologies recognized the limitations of in-person filming and the need for a compelling sales vehicle. Understanding the power of video for a comprehensive narrative, they opted to collaborate with PinkSquare for a 3D product animation—a decision that proved to be the perfect solution.

The animated video, a harmonious blend of text, visuals, and a fitting soundtrack showcased the modular design of Mate’s product, emphasizing precision and durability. The focus was on each component, highlighting the jaw’s versatility, the base’s accuracy, and its balanced stud-pulling capability. The video elucidated the ease of vise removal facilitated by the base, and it underscored the product’s smartphone-enabled feature, granting users access to their business systems.

PinkSquare’s 3D animated video emerged as an affordable and impactful tool for Mate Precision Technologies to effectively communicate the myriad benefits of their product, ultimately boosting sales.

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