Dantherm is an international group with a focus on finding solutions for your climate. The group has over 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing heating, cooling, drying, and ventilation equipment. The equipment produced by Dantherm is not only of high quality but also energy efficient. 

Dantherm offers different solutions for cooling and heating. In this video created by PinkSquare, they decided to introduce you to their mobile cooling and heating solutions. These solutions have been the preferred choice for military camps, field hospitals, relief camps, and other similar sites, for over two decades. Their solutions have been adopted as a NATO standard.

This 3D product animation created by PinkSquare shows Dantherm products suitable for military standards, the technical specifications, and their unique selling points. The main focus of this video is to show their mobile cooling and heating products installed within a campsite and the overall functionality of their products.

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