Codan, a leading manufacturer automotive consumer B2B products, shows a close-up of sequences of the Codan hoses. It helps to demonstrate various features of their ‘modern hoses for modern cars.’ The 3D animation displays what is the placement and the task of every hose within the engine.

3D animation is especially important in the automotive industry. It would be extremely difficult to display any product of this nature to the consumer without proper media. Since 2D images are an outdated way of explaining, video is the next best thing. It gives the viewer the feeling that they’re next to the product.

Why a 3D Video?

A 3D video is a computer-generated film that puts your product or process in motion. It does so in a fun, realistic, commercial, or educational so you can show it to your viewers for various needs. It gives the manufacturer the option to get into the heart of the topic. Moreover, it makes the viewer visualise easily what you present to them.

Traditional filming of the product wouldn’t do any good either. It’s almost impossible to get into the product with a bulky camera. Luckily, the 3D animation comes to the rescue. This medium has the power to explain everything in just minutes or even seconds.

With the help of video, Codan managed to demonstrate the key features their product has in a few interesting sequences. The process that would otherwise cause headaches to the professionals now became fun. Now you simply have to play the video. Not only will your customers be happy they finally know what your product’s about but you’ll shorten the time explaining everything.

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