BuggyFlix used 3D animation to show their innovative stroller. The video shows the main components of the consumer product and explains how it can be turned into a moving cinema.

Consumer products with a double purpose such as this one are difficult to explain to your audience. Luckily, PinkSquare crafted a 3D animation that anyone understands. In a few effective shots, BuggyFlix presented their stroller.

Why 3D Animation?

If you wonder why they chose 3D animation, it’s because it saves costs in the long run. Moreover, it is a real time saver. This type of animation has no limits regarding standard production techniques, such as getting the right light or pacing the product in a real environment.

Being able to display your product in a digital version means being able to show that same product to the masses or even explain your concept before the product even exists.

A 3D visual has more power than an illustration or a description. It gives you the opportunity to show customers how they can use your product or teach them what your product is all about.

Why limit yourself to drawings and photos when 3D animation will allow you to show a realistic, customizable, and a complete product to your clients?

You can use this type of video for marketing. It can not only expand the reach to your audience but boost your sales at the same time. Plus, you can reuse it for any other imaginable purpose.

Want to know how it’s done at PinkSquare? After you request a quote, we follow your plans and create a video respecting the dimensions, colors, shapes, and orientation you chose. After that, we deliver a preview so you can add your final comments. This preview also allows you to tell us if and where to place other elements you had in mind.

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