Bo Concept’s Monza has a few features that are tough to explain with words. They decided to use 3D animation to visualise their consumer product. The video shows the dining table and its specific components in a few crucial frames.

Sometimes, when you want to demonstrate a specific product, an image is enough. Especially when that product has no practical use, like an ornament. But when it comes to consumer products of wide demand, like tables, that’s where it gets tricky.

The manufacturer has to show the features of the product and explain how the consumer can use it. Luckily, a 3D animation can make it extremely easy to present all key features and better communicate how the product works and how people can use it.

Is 3D Animation Worth It?

In 3D animation, you have the power to demonstrate numerous effects. You can have absolute control over all sorts of video parameters like the texture, lighting, or colour.

Moreover, you can focus on specific materials and product parts, highlight certain details, represent how the whole process of using the product works, or even focus on different angles. In case you don’t have to focus on showing only the design and colours, but to place an object in the real-life surroundings, there’ no better solution than 3D animated video.

When making a 3D video, you can adjust almost everything. Once you contact us at PinkSquare and get your quote, we will create a scene and place the product in it. You will have the option to change what you think needs changing and modify different elements in the shots. But first, make sure to contact us. We’re a team of dedicated video experts who will turn your next video idea into a professional work of art you can use in different marketing and professional occasions.

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