360 Yield Center is a company involved in creating valuable tools to improve agricultural yield. It strives to use technology and innovation to ease the process of agriculture and, at the same time, boost the yield and enhance the health of the soil.

It already has a set of products that achieve these goals, and the latest addition to its tool family is a tool to enhance fertilizer absorption.


With various fertilizing equipment in the market it can be difficult to advertise this particular product efficiently. One of the main challenges 360 Yield Center faces is the ability to showcase the ergonomic features of their 360 Wave fertilizing equipment in a short and snappy way.

To judge the performance of a product, people prefer to see it in action with their own eyes. Without the ability to physically exhibit their fertilizing tool, 360 Yield Center will require another method to effectively demonstrate the advantages of their product. Professional agriculturalists and farmers need to see why this 360 Wave fertilizing equipment is a cut above the rest before committing to a purchase.


Implementing this 360 Yield Center fertilizing tool in animation is not that easy, given the short duration and the complexity of the 360 Wave.

But our PinkSquare artists and production team decided to show the real functionality of this machine, and for this, they came up with a clip showing how deep the implement can cut through the soil to deposit the fertilizer. It is indeed a unique idea, and all of it was presented in less than 45 seconds!!! 360 Yield Center now has a small presentation of their fertilizing equipment that they can show to their respective customers and explain every feature and functionality of 360 Wave.

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