Consumer 3D Animation

An animated video is a great way to connect with your clients. The options are limitless when it comes to how you can advertise your company and the elements you can add. When creating your video, it’s important to pay attention to certain features. The details you include will make all the difference when it comes to sending a strong brand message and working on an emotional level. Below you will find some examples of what branding options you can add into your next video and how can your business awareness benefit from using video marketing. 

What do a modem, table, and sink faucets all have in common? They are all things that you can find in the common house. But they are also all consumer goods that we have made into 3D product animations.

Create a 3D animation product demo video for your product and help your business increase its sales and its online customer engagement. An animated product video makes it very easy to demonstrate the capabilities of your product, even if it is complex. Help your customers better understand your product by visualizing it and presenting its features clearly, precisely and in an engaging way.

Engagement is important when it comes to videos. At PinkSquare, we create engaging and dynamic animations that help grab the attention of customers. PinkSquare has plenty of experience with consumer goods: we make engines run and futons fold with our 3D product animations.

Online video marketing statistics have shown that online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. This means that having a high quality and engaging demo video is extremely important for the online presence of your product and your company.

PinkSquare also specializes in creating 3D videos that demonstrate the inner workings of your product in only a few seconds. This keeps the user’s attention while displaying all the details they need to know about your product. These 3D animations also serve as great instructional videos that help save time for you and your customers. That’s why PinkSquare also creates assembly, installation, and maintenance videos for after-purchase support.

Why choose 3D animation to present your product?

3D animated representations can be much shorter than live action. Customers usually prefer watching a short product video presentation or a product explainer video instead of looking at images or reading PDF guides.

With the 3D animations, we can zoom in and zoom out of the product and provide a detailed view of its different parts.

Show all the features of your product even if that means that you have to show the inner parts of your products. Is it a mattress and you want to show all its layers or is it a watch and you need to show all its inner parts? 3D product animation makes all that possible!

You won’t have to worry about lighting or your product’s good looks. Maybe your product also offers colour or texture variations and you want to present everything at once? No problem!

Present your product in any type of background you like, neutral or complex; it is up to you.

And of course, even if your product is not in the market yet, you can still use a 3D animation for your marketing campaign.
Are you in the automobile, appliances, furniture, consumer electronics business etc.? We are here for you!

What’s best about PinkSquare’s 3D Product Animations

Quick and affordable: At PinkSqusre, we strive to deliver the highest quality 3D animations and affordable prices. We know how important it is to create visualizations of a given product. Projects – eg 3D animation of furniture can typically be made faster than in a week.
Easy: We have a simple and transparent go-to process that we follow when we’re going to produce 3D animations. The simplicity does not go beyond the quality, but it ensures that you can be allowed to follow all steps in the process.
Expertise: At PinkSquare we have composed a team of 3D experts specializing in 3D product animations of technical and industrial products. You can safely lean back while waiting for the 3D animation of your product.
Up-to-date: Of course, it’s important to be up-to-date on the technique. Therefore, we use the latest specialized programs to create our 3D animations.

How can you use the 3D product animation of your product for marketing and sales?

With your 3D animations, you can create greater visibility online. You can ensure that your customers and consumers see your entire product (from all angles) when they visit your website or social media channel. 3D animations can thus be a way to convince the consumer about the ability of your product – without having to move out of the couch or office chair.

In addition, a high quality 3D product animation can be a super smart tool for your sellers. A 3D product animation can – not just explain – it can actually show the product features of potential customers better than any seller or text and image presentation can do.

Working with PinkSquare is fast, easy and affordable. Our transparent pricing means there are no surprise costs for you, and our streamlined production process means you can get your animations on a tight deadline. Check out our pricing examples to learn more or get your free quote.

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