Verlo Mattress

About the Company

Who they are: Verlo Mattress System
What they do: Verlo designs and manufactures adjustable mattresses made to address different sleep needs.
Industry: Consumer


The client wanted to show the functionalities and the benefits of their adjustable mattress. They wanted the ability to demonstrate the inner-workings and features of the mattress without using human presentation, which can be distracting and time consuming. To achieve this they needed to use 3D animation.

Pricing Factors

3D Model

We modelled everything on the scene based on client’s blueprints.


 Complex and detailed movements were required to convey product’s capabilities


Video length is medium, around 1:30 minutes.



The client requested a realistic look.

How 3D Animation Helped

Using 3D animation the client was able to demonstrate how the mattress can be adjusted quickly, efficiently and without the need for human demonstration.
The viewer can see different aspects of the product clearly, all at the same time. Simultaneously, the text highlights the benefits of the mattress in a way that is easy to understand.
3D animation meant that the viewer could not just see examples of different mattress combinations, but also see how the parts all move together. A visual demonstration of a ball bouncing on the mattress also showed the effect that each adjustment can have on the texture and feel of the mattress.
All this information was presented in 1 minute 30 seconds which would not be achievable without the use of 3D animation.


The animation lets the viewer clearly see all parts of the product, observe how the pieces can be adjusted and also understand the effect that these alterations have on the mattress.

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