3d Animation Video for Advanced Material Solutions

About the Company

Who they are: AMS – Advanced Material Solutions
What they do: AMS specializes in acoustic resonance inspection systems. They provide acoustic resonance and ultrasonic inspection for various industries.
Industry: Automotive


To show how the acoustic resonance inspection system software works.

The client wanted to display the functions of the software used for acoustic resonance inspection. The goal was to explain the key terms and the parts of the software active during the inspection.

There were specific challenges to show parts of the software people couldn’t imagine differently, such as modes and setups for the software, which would’ve been troublesome to present with traditional video. Although originally intended for YouTube and to be used during client meetings, the project since grew and now the company uses the video on the website and on trade fairs.

Pricing Factors

3D Model

We modeled everything on the scene based and client delivered product models.


Complex and detailed movements were required to convey the product’s capabilities.


1 minute 18 seconds.


client requested a realistic look for the product.

How 3D Animation Helped

3D animation sped up the process and explained the software’s functionality and work.

The testing flow in real-time showed the clients step by step as the animation is 100% accurate in relation to timing. When the animation displays the modes and the functions of the software. Also, they show up instantly on the screen, as they would when using the program. It also helped demonstrate how the advantages of their software, as this is where they especially stand out from their competitors.


The 3D video made it easier to explain to the clients how the product works. Moreover, it showed what are the parts of the resonance inspection system process. We also ended up redesigning and developing their entire website, where the animations are being used in several places as hero elements.

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