3D Animation for Construction and Building Materials


When selling heavy machinery and building materials, after-purchase support is just as important as new customer acquisition for construction and building oriented companies. That’s why PinkSquare develops 3D animations for both marketing and instructional purposes.


Construction equipment and building materials have their limitations when it comes to physical product display. Large vehicles like dump trucks and heavy equipment like drills can be difficult to display due their size, while HVAC installations or large-scale infrastructure projects can’t be shown in a completed state before their actual construction. PinkSquare develops 3D animations for construction and building companies to help overcome these obstacles.


Whether it’s providing details on how to operate a drill press or instructions for the assembly of a light fixture, after-purchase support is crucial for maintaining good brand the reputation of construction equipment and building supplies business. At PinkSquare, companies work with us to develop detailed 3D animated guides to serve as information-packed, customer support tools. Afterwards they upload them to their site or a video hosting service in order to provide customers and clients 24/7 access.

Online video marketing statistics have shown that more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day. This means that having a high quality and engaging demo video is extremely important for the online presence of your product and your company.


But why choose to have a photorealistic 3D product animation of your construction equipment or tools and not just a regular video?

  • 3D animated representations can be much shorter than live action. Customers usually prefer watching a short video and getting a quick impression of the product, in order to decide if it would be something for them. You can see the video we created to compare the two kinds of demonstrations with a very simple example.
  • With the 3D animations, we can zoom in and zoom out of the product, be it small or large, provide a detailed view of its different parts and have a 360 degrees rotation around it.
  • Show all the features of your product even if that means that you have to show the inner parts of your products. Exploding assemblies, cutaways, section views or dissolved components to show internal components; 3D product animation makes all that possible!
  • With 3D animation you don’t have to worry about having natural light or about making sure that you product looks good. Everything can be adjusted accordingly.          
  • Present your product in any type of background you like, neutral or complex; it is up to you.
  • And of course, you can demonstrate your product and its features even if it is in the early stages of development or does not exist yet.
What’s best about PinkSquare’s 3D product animations for product demonstrations?
  • Fast: Projects featuring simple construction tools like product demonstration can take as short as a few business days to complete. Curious how we manage to finish so fast? Our team of talented 3D animators uses a streamlined production process along with the latest tools and software.
  • Easy: The process of making your 3D animation has been made very simple and transparent, so that you can easily follow all the steps of the process.
  • Affordable: Pinksquare delivers very high quality 3D product animations for an affordable price, providing value for money to your business.
  • Expertise: Our 3D animators are experts in their field and can understand your product even if it is very technical.
  • Up-to-date: We use the latest specialized software 3ds Max to create your 3D product animations.

Our clients have been very happy with our deliveries. You can read about some of our clients’ case studies and see how we approached each case.

How can you use the 3D product animation of your technical product for marketing and sales?
  • Increase your online presence and engagement by using a 3D product animation on the web and tell the story of your company and product in the best way possible.
  • Upload your new product video on your website and optimize for the search engines, increase conversions, decrease the bounce rate of your pages and come to a step closer to more sales!
  • Increase engagement on social media by embedding your 3D product animated video on your pages.
  • A detailed 3D animation demo video of your product can be a great addition to the toolbox of your sales team. It can explain your product features to prospective clients better than any salesperson or text and image presentation.

As an added bonus, implementing 3D animations or videos to a product page can also help generate sales. This is due to the fact that customers are much more likely to convert on a page with a video than without. Want to get started right away? Send us a quick proposal and we’ll have a quote for you in 1 business day.


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