Product manuals …
who reads them?

Take your post-purchase and customer support experience into the 21st century with an easy to access, user-friendly product companion.

Easy to access and easy to follow tap-through instructions

From step by step assembly instructions to safety, maintenance and product manuals.

Saw the floorboards in two.
Firmly attach the hose to the drain.
Close the box and lift handle.
Place the tri-lobs and bolts onto the shaft.

Second impressions matter

Every post-purchase interaction adds to your customer’s overall experience. Make sure the impression left is a memorable one.

Works on any device

The product companion is essentially a web app which can be viewed on any device supporting PWA (93% of users) saving your customers from having to download and install an app. It can even be launched from the home screen.

Instant access to videos and instructions in the right place at the right time

Easy access to relevant video instructions and support materials via QR codes on the product and packaging.

Why you should care

Have you tried accessing your company’s support materials from your phone?

54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand.

Stand out from the competition and create customer loyalty.

Easy to access instructions saves you time spent on support calls.

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