The ingenuity of PinkSquare’s creative team shines through in our latest endeavor – a collaborative venture with Hubbel Water Heaters resulting in a cutting-edge 3D Technical Animation. Beyond mere visual spectacle, this animation serves a profound educational purpose by unraveling the intricacies of product functionality, specifically addressing the inner workings of Hubbel’s electric heater.

In the realm of technical animations, our creation stands as an invaluable tool, illuminating the viewer on the nuances of product operation. By providing a step-by-step visual guide, the animation elucidates the process of replacing specific components within the electric heater, empowering users with practical insights into maintenance and troubleshooting.

Hubbel Water Heaters, a stalwart in the industry, holds a premier position as a leading manufacturer of water heaters renowned for their versatility. With applications spanning commercial, industrial, food service, residential homes, and marine sectors, Hubbel’s impact is pervasive. Remarkably, the company boasts a rich history, having dedicated over a century to the production of modern high-temperature water heaters, all while maintaining its status as a privately owned entity.


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