Damixa is a Danish company that designs water taps that make your life easier. They integrate high-quality materials with flawless craftsmanship to come up with ergonomic designs that make sense. Their award-winning products are user-friendly, smart, durable, eco-friendly, and convenient.

One problem commonly encountered when using the water in your home is scalding. When water is too hot it can cause discomfort and even serious burns. To solve this issue, Damixa created an anti-scalding filter that limits the movement of the tap head or level to prevent users from accidentally selecting a full hot water option.

While the concept seems simple enough, communication can be lost in explaining exactly how the product works. While a live video format may be more helpful, hands can get in the way of adequately showing how the taps function. PinkSquare created a 3D product animation that leaves no question as to how this tap can help protect you and your loved ones.

The video clearly shows the tap so you get a good idea of its size and appearance. Then it shows how it will only produce limited movement when the button on top is not depressed. Once you press the button down, it will move to full hot water mode to produce higher temperatures.

The video rendering provides Damixa with an affordable solution that shows consumers exactly how their product works in a format that can be shared on a variety of platforms.


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