This technical 3D animation created by PinkSquare shows Dantherm’s residential ventilation unit, its benefits, and its installation. This unit is a highly efficient residential ventilation unit for houses, villas, and apartments. It is delivered as a plug-and-play solution with a built-in control panel.

This unit is offering many key features:

  • demand-controlled ventilation with an integrated humidity sensor that is reducing power consumption at times with low ventilation demands
  • fireplace mode, which creates a temporary inside overpressure to enhance chimney functionality
  • highly customizable units with the option to add a high variety of internal and external accessories

Dantherm is an international group with a focus on finding solutions for your climate. The group has over 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing heating, cooling, drying, and ventilation equipment. The equipment produced by Dantherm is not only of high quality but also energy efficient.


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