DF Conceal is a manufacturer of concealment solutions that are standardized and ready to go. They recently came out with a collar nut that would work for light pole anchor plate connections. The collar nut ensures there are at least three threads above the nut so that infrastructures are up to code.

The company knew they had an excellent product, but they struggled when finding a marketing tool that best illustrated its value. They preferred a video format that told the whole story but it would be close to impossible to show a contractor in action performing a service that required the collar nut. And with the nut being relatively small, it would be difficult for the viewer to see its benefits.

They chose to partner with PinkSquare on a 3D animated video that would allow consumers to see exactly how the nut works.

The video features a combination of text and illustration. It points out the problems contractors face when working with less than three threads above the nut. Then they show how their collar nut solves those issues.

The result is a marketing tool so clear, even a child should understand it. It takes a fun, slightly humorous approach and it makes the value of the product apparent to anyone that watches. The video is sharable and cost effective making it the ideal marketing solution.

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