Research shows that video is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. It provides consumers with video and audio telling an entire story in a format that is memorable and engaging. There are many ways to use video to connect with customers and increase conversions. 3D animation is an effective sales tool for many industries.

3D animation uses motion to bring objects and characters to life. It allows objects to be moved and rotated making for a realistic effect. It gives them weight and timing making it seem as if they actually exist in the world.

This type of animation can be especially effective in selling products. It allows businesses and organizations to show how their product works outside of a real-life setting. In doing so, it clearly illustrates its various functions. The animation creates a noise free, distraction free environment that makes it easy for the viewer to see and understand the benefits the item offers making them more likely to make a purchase.

Let’s look at some benefits 3D animation provides and how it can be applied in a practical setting.

3D Animation’s Benefits

3D animation offers a visual that allows customers to better understand the products they are thinking of buying, but it’s benefits don’t end there. Here are some other ways it can work as an effective sales tool.

Breaks Up the Animation

Watching a video provides an entire picture, but it can be difficult to retain everything you watched. And no one wants to drag through the entire video trying to find the specific information they need.

Fortunately, 3D animated videos have menus that let the viewer scan for the sections they are looking for. They make it easy for them to navigate through the content.

Provides More Context

3D animation provides viewers with an entire picture including audio and video elements. This enhances understanding and makes information more memorable and digestible. Viewers can also learn on their own time, watching the video when it’s convenient for them and pausing the content as needed.


3D animation is an economical choice for business owners. It is relatively inexpensive, and it provides high ROI’s. The fact that the video format can be shared across a variety of platforms gives it that much more bang for the buck.


3D Animation in Action

To truly understand how useful 3D animation can be, let’s take a look at a video PinkSquare produced for HomeValet, a food delivery storage solution. The product connects with retailers so users can track deliveries and adjust the temperature inside the box to get it ready for food storage. When the delivery arrives, drivers unpack food directly into the Valet to keep it safe from spoilage. The homeowners can unpack the food at their convenience.

The 3D video PinkSquare produced clearly shows the storage space in the box and how it can be reconfigured to fit food items. It shows how the air circulates in the system to keep food cool and fresh. It illustrates how different compartments can be adjusted to different temperatures. It also shows how the unit can be stored anywhere around the home’s exterior.

Potential buyers can skip to different sections of the video to learn about climate control, delivery, UV disinfection, the placement of the unit and the trim options. The interactive animation allows them to get the information they need quickly and easily.


If you are trying to boost the sales of your products, 3D animation is an ideal tool. It provides clients with a complete picture of the items they are considering purchasing so they can feel confident that they are making an informed decision. It illustrates a product’s complete functionality showcasing them in the best light possible.

How will you be using 3D animation to grow your business?

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