How ETS-Lindgren Integrates Smart Strategies in Their Marketing

ETS-Lindgren designs and manufactures components and systems to manage
electromagnetic and acoustic energy for a range of industries and market sectors.
The way products and their functionalities are communicated in these industries
tends to be outdated. ETS-Lindgren therefore now aims to stand out as a thought
leader not only in the way they use smart strategies to bring value to clients, but also
in the way they provide them with a better understanding of their products and their
“The field of medicine is known for producing breakthrough innovations that save
lives. However, the technology is vast and advancing rapidly that it can be hard to
keep up the latest innovations. ETS-Lindgren breaks the mold with communication
processes that integrate technology to promote
efficiency and a higher level of consumer knowledge,” says Joel Kellog
ETS-Lindgren’s marketing manager.

How ETS-Lindgren is Breaking Stereotypes

ETS-Lindgren is committed to simplifying communication in its marketing endeavors,
seeking to enhance client understanding of their products efficiently. Teaming up with
PinkSquare, a 3D animation and product marketing company, they create engaging
animated videos that concisely showcase product functionality. This creative
approach aims to break down complex concepts, allowing clients to grasp essential
details quickly and effortlessly. ETS-Lindgren’s commitment to clear communication
ensures a smooth and enriching experience for clients, deepening their connection
to the value of the products in the market.
The company cites many benefits of using animated videos to market its
They include:

● Increased Client Engagement: In a saturated digital landscape,
ETS-Lindgren recognizes 3D videos as a dynamic tool for capturing audience
attention. The visual richness and interactivity surpass static images, fostering
deeper engagement and strengthening the connection between the audience
and the brand.

● Repurpsability: ETS-Lindgren acknowledges the adaptability of animated
videos, presenting a sustainable and cost-effective solution for content
distribution. Once deployed for their initial purpose, these videos seamlessly
transition to various platforms, enhancing visibility across social media,
websites, emails, and newsletters.

● Simplification of Complex Ideas: When exploring products, understanding
intricate details can be a challenge. However, ETS-Lindgren with the
innovative use of Technical 3D animation is now breaking down these complexities in a
visually compelling way. Whether it’s revealing the design intricacies or
demonstrating how features function seamlessly, 3D videos simplify the entire

● Portability: Animated videos, as highlighted by ETS-Lindgren, can cut
expenses by eliminating the need to transport physical products to trade
shows. This budget-friendly approach enables reaching a wider audience
effortlessly, ensuring a dynamic presentation without logistical hassles.

● Standout with Holograms: ETS-Lindgren emphasizes that using hologram
display solutions not only grabs attention but also showcases innovation. This
creative use of technology adds an exciting layer to their brand presence,
ensuring a memorable experience for trade show attendees.

ETS-Lindgren has partnered with PinkSquare, to create these types of engaging
content, which in turn helps boost their marketing efforts. Global MarCom
Manager, Rhonda Rodriguez explains how their videos have helped the company
gain a competitive edge.

“Though photographs work well in some applications, we wanted something more
dynamic that would tell the entire story. 3D animation and hologram displays
provided us with the solution.”
Rodriguez went on to explain how 3D animation helped them develop marketing
materials that showed the functionality of their RF shielding materials for MRI Rooms
and Suites.

“Shielding is critical to the successful performance of the room/suite. However, the
Shielding is covered with wall treatments and cannot be seen in photographs of a
finished project. Our 3D animation showed the MRI room with and without the
finishes, thus giving the viewer a visual as to how our products are integrated into the

She also mentioned how the solution developed by PinkSquare gives them a
competitive edge at trade shows. “We’ve used the 3D animations on both large video
screens and on a rotating hologram, both with exceptional results. The animations
look dynamic, help attract people into our booth, and provide a comprehensive view
as to how our products provide a complete solution to our customers.”

ETS-Lingren has established themselves as an innovator in an industry which is
rapidly changing. Their breakthrough products and marketing approach ensure their
long-term relevance and make them stand out as a leader in their industry. They
also help in forging connections with their clients which will make them endure the
test of time.

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