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Why 3D Animation Videos?


of customers say video helps
them make buying decisions.

1.8 Million words

is what 1 minute of video equals
to your audience
-Forrester Research

80% increase

is the potential increase of
conversions on a landing page

How much does a 3D Product Animation cost?


These are the 4 main variables
affecting the price of a 3D animation.


3D Model

Is the model supplied or should we model it?


What is the duration
and the storyline?


Simple rotation or
complex movements?


Simple, realistic or something in between?

See our price examples.

What we need from you

What is the animation about

Send a description, a link to a similar video or record one with your smartphone.

Rough estimate of the duration.

Is there a max. length?

The kind of quality you are aiming for.

Have you seen something you like?

If you will supply the 3d model.

Or whether we have to model it.

Hello PinkSquare,
Can you please send us a quote based on the following information?


  • Show product name and company logo for 3 seconds
  • The sofa is showing from the front (white background)
  • It turns slightly so that the side of the armrest is showing
  • The sofa folds out, makes a 360 degree turn and folds back again
  • Turns back to frontal view
  • Logo and slogan showing for 3 seconds

- we think around 40-50 seconds. Max. 1 min.

Quality/style reference

3d file
- we do not have a 3d file, but can send technical drawings and photos of the material

- no hurry. Any time within the next 6 weeks

Best regards

Production process


1. You receive an animatic

Your comments on timing and movement

2. You receive a still image

Your comments on look and quality

3. Final delivery

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