Why 3D Animation is the BEST way to explain your product

3D animation helps to explain ideas and products

Explain (almost) anything better with 3D Animation

Animation can help you explain almost anything better, at least that’s the opinion of Bruce McKenzie. (Of course, we’re inclined to agree!) Bruce is the founder of Business Information Graphics. He has produced award-winning docudramas, executive presentations and originated the “2-Minute Explainer” video.

Why Video and Animation Works

Bruce says, “For technology businesses, animation is very well suited to making things that are hard to explain easy to understand.”

You can read the rest of his thoughts on the subject in his blog “Why Business Video Animation Works”.

Video + Animation = Conversions

Most people would rather watch a product animation video or demonstration than read about it. Which is why you should be using 3D animation to explain and promote your product.

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