STC Robot Arm

About the Company

Who they are: STC – The Dip Spin Professionals
What they do: STC specialize in manufacturing dip spin coating equipment. They provide high quality machines and equipment to major manufacturers across a number of industries.
Industry: Manufacturing


To show the workflow of their robot arm.
The client wanted to show factory production using a robot arm. The aim was to show the exact timing of the robot arm in order to optimize the production output, this was achievable with 3D animation. They also wanted a way to demonstrate its features and to communicate the process efficiently in a clean, quiet environment without distractions, which would not be possible with traditional video.


How 3D Animation Helped

3D animation made it easier to show the product design, functionality and process.
Using 3D animation the client was able to show the exact timing of the robot arm. When the machines have finished their production cycles the basket gets picked up instantly so there is no delay. The two machines left and right are the same but running their cycles off-set by 50%, something that only 3D animation could achieve. They were also able to communicate this unique technology clearly and efficiently, with no human demonstration.
3D animation enabled them to show the inner parts of the factory equipment and to illustrate the overall functionality of the machines.


A 3D animation simulating exact production flow, second by second. Allowing STC to optimize their production output.


Chris Kirn LLC

“The animation produced by PinkSquare went above and beyond all expectations.“

Sif Orbesen
Orbesen Teknik

“We have in connection with the realisation of our 3D video instructions received help from PinkSquare. The key words for the cooperation were, creativity, efficiency and quality.“

Eva Baek

“It has been a super experience from beginning to end. Easy, efficient and a fantastic service.”


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