3D Animation for Construction and Building Materials


When selling heavy machinery and building materials, after-purchase support is just as important as new customer acquisition for construction and building oriented companies. That’s why PinkSquare develops 3D animations for both marketing and instructional purposes.


Construction equipment and building materials have their limitations when it comes to physical product display. Large vehicles like dump trucks and heavy equipment like drills can be difficult to display due their size, while HVAC installations or large-scale infrastructure projects can’t be shown in a completed state before their actual construction. PinkSquare develops 3D animations for construction and building companies to help overcome these obstacles.


Whether it’s providing details on how to operate a drill press or instructions for the assembly of a light fixture, after-purchase support is crucial for maintaining good brand the reputation of construction equipment and building supplies business. At PinkSquare, companies work with us to develop detailed 3D animated guides to serve as information-packed, customer support tools. Afterwards they upload them to their site or a video hosting service in order to provide customers and clients 24/7 access.

As an added bonus, implementing 3D animations or videos to a product page can also help generate sales. This is due to the fact that customers are much more likely to convert on a page with a video than without. Want to get started right away? Send us a quick proposal and we’ll have a quote for you in 1 business day.


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