²3D animation offers several benefits in the digital marketing space. Like all forms of video, it integrates visual and audio elements to tell the entire story. It’s also low maintenance to create and it shows 3D details that work well if you are trying to show a product’s interior and underground applications.

But another benefit 3D animation offers is its ability to be repurposed. It can be used in emails, newsletters, social media, presentations and more. This makes it a cost-efficient tool that gives you more bang for your buck.

Read on to find out more about repurposing 3D animation so you can get the most from what you spend on your video products.

Social Media

3D video can easily be shared on social media platforms to allow your content to reach more consumers. In fact, a video posted on Linked in is 20 times more likely to be shared while a video posted on Twitter is 10 times more likely to be shared.

Be aware that you may have to do some reformatting before posting your video on certain platforms. For example, the nature of social media, as well as the requirements on some platforms, may mean you will need to shorten your video before posting it. The video should also work without sound to catch the attention of people that are scrolling past.

Even with these few tweaks, you will find a 3D animated video to be the way to go when it comes to reaching users on social media platforms.

Emails and Newsletters

Using video in marketing emails and newsletters can increase click rates by up to 50%. In fact, just using the word video in your subject line will boost open rates by 20%.

3D video can easily be integrated into emails and newsletters with just a bit of formatting. You may also consider cutting up a longer video and working it into an email series. This is a great way to increase engagement.

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Interactive Sales Tools

During a sales presentation, you will want to show your clients exactly how your product works. Using a prototype may not get its full functionality across. And bringing in the actual product can come with its share of inconveniences.

3D video will provide a clear picture of how the product functions. It will allow the client to interact with the media making for a more exciting presentation.


YouTube is more than another social media platform. It is the second most visited website and the second most used search engine in the world. It’s imperative that you use it to showcase your company’s products.

It may be necessary to reformat videos before posting them on YouTube. Recommended changes to make include adjusting the length and adding a CTA at the end.

Tradeshows and Virtual Showrooms

3D video can be a useful tool for virtual showrooms and online or offline tradeshows. It can be added to a virtual showroom or tradeshow to show exactly how your product works. You can integrate it into a virtual platform or have the video running live throughout the tradeshow so people can check out the product’s functionalities even if they can’t get the rep’s attention.

Still Images for Print, Social Media and Websites

You can use renders from 3D videos for promotion via catalogues, social media, you web site, blog images, posters and more.

Blog Posts and LinkedIn Articles

If you are including longer articles in your marketing campaign such as blogs and LinkedIn articles, it’s advisable to include images. These will break up long pieces of text while providing visuals to make the content easier to understand.

Both 3D videos and stills from the video can be used for imaging purposes.

Create Presentations

3D videos can be included in any type or presentation including the following:

  • Sales Presentations: 3D animated video explains how a product works so clients can fully understand its functionalities and various uses. This will be beneficial in boosting conversions.
  • E-Learning: 3D animation can be used in workshops or placed on websites to teach people how to use a product.
  • SlideShare: SlideShare is a hosting service that allows for content such as presentations, infographics, documents, and video to be uploaded and shared publicly or privately.

So, if you think about it, one piece of 3D animated video content can be repurposed into 8 pieces of content. This makes it one of the most cost-effective ways to market your products. How will you be using it in your business?

Repurposing 3D Animations

Get more mileage out of your video content by altering the content format and reusing it in alternative ways. It’s a cost efficient way to boost your ROI.


Original 3d animation

In this example, the original is 90 seconds long and shows product features and advantages in a clear and understandable way.
3D product animation can be shared across a variety of channels.


Post with video on LinkedIn are 20x more likely (10x on Twitter) to be shared than those without. To capture leads on social media you must inspire the viewer and grab their attention in a short period of time

Videos must work without sound, and should have their length adjusted to engage viewers quickly


Using video in your marketing emails and newsletters can increase click rates by as much as 50%
Simply using the word “video” in a subject line can increase open rate by nearly 20%
Videos can be adjusted to the email format in various ways. One is to convert them into an email series.


Videos do not always fit the flow of sales meetings

Creating a chaptertized engaging tool can help enhance meetings and presentations


Apart from being the 2nd most visited website YouTube is also the 2nd largest search engine. So making use of all options to optimize content is an opporunity to increase views. generate traffic and leads.

Length, pace, hook and CTA should be adjusted depending on context and the viewers motivation.


Videos do not always fit the flow of sales meetings

Creating a chaptertized engaging tool can help enhance meetings and presentations


Renders can be created from 3D animations and used for:
✓ Posters
✓ Catalogues
✓ Social Media
✓ Your website


Makes your content accessible to those who prefer reading

Improves SEO by increasing visibility for Google and other search engines

Easy for your readers to share


Convert videos into PowerPoints and use for:
✓ E-learning
✓ Presentations
✓ SlideShare (owned by LinkedIn)

What does this mean for you?
It means turning 1 piece of content into 8 in order to give you months worth of content to promote.
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