3D animation video doesn’t always come cheap. If you want to get the highest ROI out of the money you’ve spent, you can reuse the content in several ways. You can shorten it to post it on various social media sites. You can also turn it into an article that can be used for blogs, emails, and websites. 

This article will point out the benefits of turning your 3D animation video into an article and how to get the very most out of your investment.

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Why Turn Video into an Article?

 Here are some reasons why you’ll want to turn your video into an article:

  • Increased ROI: You’ve invested a good amount of money in your video. You can make your bucks go even further by creating articles from your video content. You can further break down those articles into social media posts by extracting quotes and adding images from the video.
  • Increased value from internal links: Internal links can be one of the most effective ways of presenting a call to action. Conversions made through your own website should not be underestimated, you can link people to exactly the pages you want them to see. If you want to present people with the option to read about using 3D animation video for thinks like: Medical devices, technical products or construction you can do so via. internal links.
  • You cover more ground: These days companies want to be visible on a variety of platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more. The video has you covered on some of those sites, but the articles you get out of it will give you enough content to go around.
  • Some people prefer articles: Videos are said to be the most effective form of digital media. But some people simply prefer reading an article at their own pace.
  • It boosts SEO: Videos can be good for SEO, but they aren’t as effective at including keywords as an article is. An article can make good use of keywords further increasing your Google rankings.
  • It gives you more mileage: Many companies struggle to find content to post on social media platforms every day. Having a video and an article that include the video and frames from it will give you more mileage. Just be sure to space them out so your followers don’t feel like they are getting a duplicate of the same old information.


How to Turn a Video into an Article

Turning a video into an article is very simple. Here are some ideas:

  • Describe what’s in the video: You can go frame by frame describing what’s in the video. This will be a good alternative for people who would rather read than watch. It also lets you optimize those keywords. For this scenario, it’s best to embed the video in the article itself.
  • Talk about the making of the video: You can extract more content out of your video by writing an article on how it was made. You can describe the challenges you faced, how you solved them, and more. This is especially effective for media that is personal to your company.
  • Use the video as inspiration: The article you write doesn’t necessarily have to cover the same topic as the video. For example, the video may be about the benefits of your product and you may use it as inspiration for an article describing its specific functions. If it’s a long video that covers a variety of topics, you can split the content down into several articles.Turn video into an article

    How Can Your Article Be Used?

    You don’t have to have a blog to post your article. Articles can be used for a variety of purposes including the following:

    • Social Media Articles: There are several social media platforms that accept full articles including Medium, LinkedIn, and Reddit. If the platform does not take a full article format, you can always share a link to where the article is posted.
    • Emails and Newsletters: Emails are still one of the most effective marketing strategies. 66% of companies say they use emails to promote their business. 77% of companies say emails yield up to 50% open rates. You can easily turn a video-inspired article into an email or newsletter. Include the video itself for even more engagement.
    • Social Media Posts: If you are looking for content to post on a social media site that does not allow you to publish a full article, you can take snippets from the content you’ve written and use them as tweets and posts. You’re likely to get a few days’ worth of short content out of one longer article.
    • Printed Material: Your article can also be used as printed material. For instance, if your company is planning on attending a tradeshow, you can put the content from your article into a brochure that can be handed out at the event.
    • Internal Communication: You can send your written content out to your team, so they understand the new products and services your company is offering.

    A 3D animation video is a powerful marketing tool. You can get even more out of it by converting it into an article. The tips provided here let you know how to do it and why. We wish you the best of luck taking it to the next level.


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