The pandemic hit the world hart bringing devastation in its wake, but it also brought its share of silver linings. It created an increased reliance on online tools and communications which worked as convenient and money-saving alternatives to how we did business in the past. Now that the pandemic is ending, it’s expected that these virtual methods will continue to be integrated in the foreseeable future.

The increased reliance on online formats means many companies have had to up the ante when it comes to their web site and digital presence. Virtual showrooms are being used more often as a convenient alternative to physical showrooms and trade shows. They are working as powerful selling tools allowing consumers and clients to view products from the comfort of their homes and offices and make informed purchasing decisions.

Pink Square is a forerunner in the creation of virtual showrooms producing realistic 3D animated product duplicates that tell the whole story. Read on to find out how we can help you boost conversions with these online tools.

What are Virtual Showrooms?

Virtual showrooms

Virtual showrooms eliminate the need for a physical location by allowing companies to show new collections virtually. They typically include product photos, details, pricing and delivery information. Some showrooms feature 3D sampling functionality which works as an alternative to physical sampling. Customers can also order through the platform.

There are a variety of industries that rely on virtual showrooms. They are commonly used for fashion, beauty, home goods, automotive and more. According to a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, buyers and sellers, including 70-80% of B2B decision makers, prefer this digital platform to human interactions.

Benefits of Virtual Showrooms

Virtual showrooms offer several benefits to the businesses that use them. Here are a few to consider.

No Scheduling Necessary

The digital format virtual showrooms provide means there is no need to schedule appointments. Clients and consumers can order products from anywhere at any time.

It used to be that clients that were not local to a business’s area would have to wait for a trade show to come around to view products. Now they can view and purchase when it is convenient for them. This capability has helped several companies increase their global reach.

Reduce Costs and Increase Sustainability

Physical showroom and trade show expenses can rack up. A physical showroom requires renting or buying a space and paying people to run it. A trade show requires renting a booth, paying a trade show staff and travel expenses.

A virtual showroom eliminates rental, staff and travel fees making for an affordable alternative.

The travel and production associated with a trade show may also do harm to the environment making digital the more sustainable way to go.

Improves Product Assortment Planning

Virtual showrooms cut down on the cost and waste associated with assortment planning. When you go virtual, you don’t have to wait for physical samples to be made. Once you get a blueprint for a product, you can upload it directly to your site.

Not only does this cut down on the time of the development cycle, it gives you an idea of what to expect in terms of demand so you don’t make more than you need.

Business owners no longer have to spend a lot of time pulling together sample collections, making print outs and gathering props that will help products sell. They can plan out collections using a wide range of devices and share their items immediately.

Ordering Takes Place on the Platform

Virtual showrooms simplify the ordering process.

Clients can view your showrooms and add the products they want to their PO. They will have access to all the information they need including SKU’s, fabrics, sizes, product details, delivery dates and more. This makes for an improved customer experience.

By eliminating the need to sell to customers separately and schedule appointments, you can sell faster and sell more.

Use Data to Boost Sales

A virtual showroom collects customer data in a centralized location that is accessible via the user dashboard. This allows you to see which products are hot and which are not. It also helps you determine the needs and tastes of your customers so you can provide more personalized marketing.

Getting a real time overview of how well your products are doing means you don’t have to wait for numbers to come in to determine what you need to produce more of and what gets cut from the collection. It provides an efficient system that allows you to act faster and turn out more of what’s in demand.

Pink Square’s Virtual Showroom Capabilities

If you are looking to set up or improve the 3D showroom on your web site, Pink Square provides a solution that’s as close as it comes to simulating a real-life experience. Our 3D animation practically eliminates the need for physical sampling. Here are some examples of the showrooms we’ve created.

Reefer Container

Our reefer container tells the whole picture. It spins around to show its size, its openings and settings. Viewers can use a mouse to hold the product still and tilt it for a better view of certain components. Text can be added to any part of the image to provide a more detailed explanation.
Virtual Showroom Capabilities

Home Valet

Home Valet is a product we’ve had a lot of success with. These devices are terrific for storing food that’s been delivered when the owner is not home. Our 3D animated virtual showroom provides inside views on its storage capabilities and illustrates how it keeps food fresh and where it can be stored around the exterior of the home.
Virtual Showroom Capabilities

Virtual showrooms are the way of the future. Pink Square will help you create a virtual showroom that provides a real-life experience that gives customers the complete picture. How will you be using this technology to boost your company’s sales?

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