The digital landscape has changed tremendously over the last few years. The truth is that majority of consumers prefer watching to reading and this leads to a massive expansion of video content marketing. Video is a powerful instrument that helps to tell your story in an easy and comprehensible way but with 3D animation you can do it even easier, faster and cheaper/more affordable.

Keep reading to find out 5 reasons when video can´t beat 3D product animation and why you should definitely consider utilizing this effective form of content for your future product marketing!

Reason 1:

Normal video which isn’t 3D can’t show the inner-working parts of a product and video doesn´t offer you a comprehensive 360° view. It means that you can’t see technical elements or product mechanisms. With product animation built in 3D you can. You can show your customers the product´s interior which is closed due to heat, size, or liquid elements. And that is pretty convincing.

Reason 2:

Some assembly instructions take minutes to show in real-time because you can’t simply speed it up. Do you know that feeling when it gets boring and you are just skipping some parts? With 3D product animation, you can show everything in a few seconds.

Reason 3:

How often does your attention get distracted by some element while watching the video? With 3D product animation, you can easily eliminate people, hands, and other undesirable details while getting the full attention on your product. Plus, you can bet that your video will not look outdated in two years because of the actor’s cloth or hairstyle.

Reason 4:

Another situation in which 3D beats real video is when you don’t have a product to be filmed. This is not the case of 3D product animation. Your prototype might not be finished or brought from China, but you can still make a virtual prototype and check its geometry and functionality while simplifying a design process.

Reason 5:

Lastly, in a normal video you can’t modify your product but in 3D animation, you can. If some part of your product changes with product animation, you simply do a correction which saves money and time. With video you have to start all over. You cannot easily change a color, add a feature, etc.

To make a long story short, 3D product animation is something you don’t want to miss out. If the world of 3D product animation sounds like magic that you would like to know more about, contact us or sign up for our newsletter.

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