Do you remember the days when building a website was the thing that only IT geeks could do? It took countless hours and a big chunk of your wallet. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a web developer to build a web page, nor a technologically savvy person. Thanks to an extensive list of services and tools, such as website builders, themes, and templates, you can lay down the foundation of your website within minutes. Yes, you read that correctly, within minutes.

How has marketing changed over the last few years?

Marketers are constantly looking for effective ways to engage with their audience while having video content on top of the list. Several years ago, a video was far less accessible than it is today, thanks to the evolution and popularization of the internet and various technical developments. Now, the same is happening with purchasing digital content.

Video is now a cornerstone of content marketing. It is often considered the most successful part of marketing campaigns, proven through engagement data and thus accounting for the largest percentage of traffic. With video content, companies can easily promote their unique value propositions, specific product features, or just create engaging content for consumers that are overwhelmed with the unbelievable amount of information. So in short, your video needs to be really catchy and unique to capture the eye of your audience.

3D animation as the solution

Metaphorical display of a development of purchasing 3D product animation.

Most people recognise the value of video and other types of engaging content, yet, it can still be a challenge to create appealing content, especially for small and medium-sized companies.Those companies with physical products, for whom 3D animations might not be an obvious solution, can often be lost in moving forward with their digital marketing – the notion of mysterious and expensive 3D product animation still prevails. Companies looking for engaging content for their digital platforms face the same challenge as people buying websites several years ago. Just as the process of purchasing websites has become easier, the process of purchasing 3D animation is going through the same transformation, from being a luxury affair to becoming accessible for everybody excited in product videos for marketing.

Alongside prices coming down, so it the time involved for customers. Multiple meetings with an expensive 3D studio will no longer be necessary for most types of 3D animations. Now all you need to think about is the storyline, a preferred duration, a required quality, and your deadline. With this information, you send materials such as a logo in vector or 3D model, product pictures or drawings to 3D product animation company. Plus, now it’s possible to get a quote within 24 hours. Saving your money, and more importantly your time.

If you haven’t thought about using 3D before, you should consider it. 3D product animations are visually appealing and an efficient way to communicate product´s features in an understandable manner. Animated content as a marketing tool is a great way to spread the message about your company or show what is difficult to explain.

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