The 3D product animation and manufacturing industries may seem vastly different, but they actually work perfectly together. Here’s why 3D product product animation should be in every manufacturer’s tool kit.

3D product animation can simplify even the most complex industrial products. It can show how intricate machinery works and even make factory operations a pleasure to watch. 3D animation can be used to help your design process or to communicate difficult ideas. Installation processes also become simple and easy to understand.

Communication with No Limits

With 3D animation it’s possible to provide a quick visual summary which communicates a product or process precisely, without any distractions. It can also do this in a short space of time, short enough to keep your client’s attention, but long enough to clearly demonstrate a product and its purpose.

Showcase a product from it’s best angles, look inside it and demonstrate how to assemble it in a simple way. There are no limits to what can be shown with 3D animation. Move through the solid steel of an engine into the cylinders and pistons, or show an installation seamlessly without hands getting in the way. 3D animation can demonstrate a product in ways that are far beyond what traditional photography or video can show.

tools on board

Engage Customers & Increase your Sales

Many manufacturing companies struggle to endlessly produce engaging content for their customers. 3D product animation is engaging content which can be highly effective in communicating product features, advantages, installation instructions, and ultimately helps to boost conversions and sales.

Whether it’s showing product features, device setup or an installation guide, 3D animation has clear benefits to help grab customer attention, drive conversions and ultimately sales. Still, many companies think that 3D animation is expensive and the process complicated. This isn’t just the case. At PinkSquare we dedicate ourselves to improving the experience of purchasing 3D product animation, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

Easy, fast & affordable

We specifically aim to serve companies with physical products who don’t have experience in purchasing 3D content. Our mission is to make it easy, fast and affordable while being transparent about prices and the process. We provide 3D animation services for a wide variety of industries, from construction, manufacturing and engineering companies to consumer businesses. Producing animation videos for promotional, commercial and demonstration purposes.

See just how simple the process of buying 3D animation can be here.

Explain (almost) anything better with 3D Product Animation

explain better with 3d animations

Animation can help you explain almost anything better, at least that’s the opinion of Bruce McKenzie.  Bruce is the founder of Business Information Graphics. He has produced award-winning docudramas, executive presentations and originated the “2-Minute Explainer” video.

Why Video and Animation Works

Bruce says, “For technology businesses, animation is very well suited to making things that are hard to explain easy to understand.” You can read the rest of his thoughts on the subject in his blog “Why Business Video Animation Works”.

Video + Animation = Conversions

Most people would rather watch a product animation video or demonstration than read about it. Which is why you should be using 3D animation to explain and promote your product. Want to learn more about how and why 3D animation improves conversions? Check out our blog post “Press ▶ for Conversions“.

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