Pricing factors

Every project is different, but these are the 4 main pricing factors that affect the price of a 3D product animation

a model showing the 4 pricing factors that goes into a 3d product animation

Whether you supply the 3D model or not will impact your pricing. If you have the 3D model and provide it yourself your price will be reduced. However, if you don’t have the 3D model we can make it for you. This will increase the price a bit though, as our team will have to create your model from scratch.

The complexity has quite a big impact on the pricing of your animation. If you want a simple animation with no complex movements the price will be cheaper than if you have a very complex animation with many moving parts. Showing liquids or airflows is usually quite complex and will most likely increase your price.

The length of your video depends on what you want to have shown and your storyline. The length of an animation typically varies from 20 – 60 seconds, as many of our clients can deliver their message within this timeframe. Some animations exceed 60 seconds and may last about 120 seconds. These types of animations typically are more complex and are likely to be more expensive. See some of our pricing examples.

Finally, quality will also influence your pricing. If you want a simple animation in lower quality it will be less expensive than a very realistic animation. Furthermore, the background of your animation plays into the quality as well. If you want a plain background with one or two colors your video will be less expensive compared to having very realistic background, such as a fully equipped industrial workshop or a very detailed landscape.


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