3D Animations for Consumer Goods


What do a modem, table, and sink faucets all have in common? They are all things that you can find in the common house. But they are also all consumer goods that we have made into 3D product animations.


Engagement is important when it comes to videos. At PinkSquare, we create engaging and dynamic animations that help grab the attention of customers. PinkSquare has plenty of experience with consumer goods: we make engines run and futons fold with our 3D product animations.


PinkSquare also specializes in creating 3D videos that demonstrate the inner workings of your product in only a few seconds. This keeps the user’s attention while displaying all the details they need to know about your product. These 3D animations also serve as great instructional videos that help save time for you and your customers. That’s why PinkSquare also creates assembly, installation, and maintenance videos for after-purchase support.

Working with PinkSquare is fast, easy and affordable. Our transparent pricing means there are no surprise costs for you, and our streamlined production process means you can get your animations on a tight deadline. Check out our
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